Жетысуский государственный университет имени Ильяса Жансугурова

Bologna process

Bologna process - is a movement, which aims to create single educational space.
In March 2010 Kazakhstan has entered in a zone of European higher education.

Dublin descriptors are also important for Bologna qualification structure. They are designed for three levels of higher education. Dublin descriptors are based on five main results of education:
-Knowing and understanding
-Using on practice knowing and skills understanding
-Skills in communication
-Skills in learning

The purpose of the declaration - the establishment of the European Higher Education Area, as well as the activation of the European system of higher education in the world.
The Declaration contains seven key points:
1. Adoption of a system of comparable degrees, including through the introduction of the Diploma Supplement to provide employment opportunities and to increase the international competitiveness of European higher education system.
2. The introduction of multi - cycle study: preliminary (undergraduate) and outlet (graduate).
3. Introduction of the European system of units of labor input transcripts to support large-scale student mobility (credit system).
4. Significant development of student`s mobility (based on the performance of the two preceding paragraphs). Promoting mobility of teachers and other staff by setting-off period of time spent by them to work in the European region. Setting standards of transnational education.
5. Promotion of European cooperation in quality assurance with aim to develop comparable criteria and methodologies.
6. Implementation intra university quality control systems of education and involvement of external evaluation of university students and employers.
7. Promotion of the necessary European dimensions in higher education, particularly in the area of curriculum development, inter-institutional cooperation, mobility schemes and joint programs of study, training and research.