Welcome to Career and Business Office for language courses, namely ENGLISH, GERMAN, CHINESE, TURKISH and FRENCH languages (all levels), developed by Zhetysu state university named after I. Zhansugurov. We also have IELTS, Test DAF perpetration courses. Address: Taldykorgan, 187 (a) Zhansugurov St, room 208. Contact Tel: 8 (7282) 22 -05 -89, 8 702 47-47-568. For complete, up-to-date course information please see

Activity of Zhetysu state University named afterI. Zhansugurov is based on the concept of creation of a complex of continuous professional education corresponding to the State standard with the issuance of a state diploma of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Training is conducted in the state, Russian and English languages on full-time, part-time and distance learning technology.

The University has developed and operates a single information system that can automate the procedural events connected with the planning of the educational process and the registration of the educational achievements of students. Unified information system includes procedures, starting with the work of the selection Committee and completes the formation of the transcript when issuing diplomas.

Functionality of computer programs developed and implemented by the Institute of higher education, aimed at:

• registration of applications professors read lectures on disciplines (on-line);

• registration of students for the study of subjects (on-line);

• formation of an individual curriculum;

• registration of students ' educational achievements and the formation of the consolidated statement of progress of students;

• formation of the transcript of the student.

All the academic buildings of the University are connected to a local area network via the Intranet-system - web-system for the user's categories: administration, teacher, student, and employee of the DR. For each category of user intranet system opens personal personalized portal with relevant functions access to the electronic magazine and educational methodical maintenance of discipline. Information is displayed on the web portal of the University, that ensures the transparency of the monitoring and evaluation of students ' knowledge.

Electronic journal is the official document outlining the progress of the student in the disciplines of a teacher. Electronic journal equipped with algorithms of calculation of performance assessments and performance of students and is used to solve the following tasks:

• storage of data about students ' progress;

• displaying of the information stored in the database, on paper, for registration in the form of documents in accordance with the established requirements;

• on-line access (in view mode) estimates for the entire period of logging in all subjects, at any time.

The total rating of performance evaluation weekly bear the teachers through a local network of the University or via the Internet to the electronic journal.

Reading rooms, classrooms have INTERNET access and are equipped with all modern innovative technologies.

The University is actively introducing new technologies to the educational process management. Registration Department is implementing the project «Creation of the integrated system of management of educational process, performed according to the credit technology». The project aims at establishing an effective and comprehensive system of educational process management as part of the unified information system of the University.

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